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Limited edition and screen printed in NYC using the finest water-based fabric paints.  

About the Design:
Let's address our name, Aeternal Lovers. Sometimes we cannot see what is right before our eyes. We like designing with the letter A, and that's why our name is Aeternal. But hidden right before your eyes is the word Eternal. Put on our namesake tee and feel the Aeternal Love all around you. 

About the Model:
We’re so happy that Brooklyn-born semipro snowboarder Jack Armbruster took his Aeternal Lovers gear with him to Europe two summers ago and sent us some pictures to share with all of you.

About the Impact:
Before it made its way to us, this 100% cotton tee was conventionally manufactured, requiring significant water and carbon usage. Only buy it if you plan to love it for a good while, swap it or repurpose it. If you choose to dispose of it, please do so in the kindest way possible or send it back to us and we will pay the shipping.

Washing Instructions: 
For best results, turn garment inside out and wash in cold water using a mild detergent. Dry on low heat.