Original music & design inspired by the Black Goddess and NYC


Aeternal Lovers Sound System is a Bronx-based sustainable living brand inspired by the people, nature, sights and sounds of New York City—past, present and future. Our virtual community of music lovers, music makers, models, artists, designers, and spoken word artists exists to inspire creation, collaboration, and regeneration within the Bronx, across the United States, in Jamaica, and around the world.

From our upcycled, limited edition designs to our collaborative Sound System concept, we foster community through art and music, helping people reconnect to themselves, each other, and our beautiful home planet.

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Over 300,000 years ago, the Black Goddess brought the light of the universe into human form on our home continent of Africa. She embodies love, wholeness, and belonging, representing our aeternal connections to Mother Earth, the Cosmos, and each other.

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We make and share original beats and dubs built on live and digital music. Influenced by our travels near and far, we layer our beats with the vocals of established and up-and-coming local musicians, from poets and spoken word artists to rappers and regular folks. As a collective, we comprise the Aeternal Lovers Sound System. 

Check out a sample of our video content and merch below, and explore our Instagram, Soundcloud and Youtube for more music we've created with our neighbors and collaborators through the years.


New York City lights us up. The sights, the noises, the smells, the people. At home in the Bronx, we've created a community for music makers and music lovers to celebrate this city through regenerative and collaborative creation.


Our new Throne video affirms everything that we stand for as a brand: the creative power of divine feminine energy and the expansive force of Aeternal Love. This is the energy we seek to put out into the world, and we're so excited to be sharing it through our Sound System concept and Throne track, coming soon.

We’re working on our first fully-digital music collaboration and would love for you to submit a word or phrase (in any language) that reminds you of the eternal power of love, inspiring you to create more, connect more, and love more. We will layer the submissions over our Bumpy Road dub or Love Power beat, and the crowdsourced composition will be featured on our SoundCloud and website. As always, you will be credited for your contribution.

Ready to create music together? Feel free to send us a voice clip of any length via pCloud, Gmail, WhatsApp or Instagram DM. Please reach out with any questions:


Handmade in the Bronx, our upcycled clothing and household designs are meant to be lived in and loved in for years to come.

Have an idea for a one-of-a-kind look? Let's create a custom piece together using items already found in your wardrobe. Contact us at and get inspired on Instagram.

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