We bring the beats, you bring the words

The Aeternal Lovers Sound System

The Aeternal Lovers Sound System is a collaborative platform for music production, where new and established artists come together to celebrate the people, nature, sights and sounds of New York City and beyond. We produce original beats and layer them with the voices of poets, rappers, spoken word artists and regular folks. This is a venue for community: A place for people in different parts of the city, country and world to contribute to the same conversation. 

Are you holding onto the chorus of a song? Even a few words or a few lines from a poem you started but never finished? With the Aeternal Lovers Sound System, you can interface with musical production and a growing community of artists. Aspiring musicians and hobbyists alike can contribute to an ever evolving, crowdsourced musical composition in an increasingly digital time.

Explore our videos and sounds below and let us know what you think!
Feeling inspired? We'd love to make music with you! Email to learn more.


We’re working on our first fully-digital music collaboration and would love for you to submit a word or phrase (in any language) that reminds you of the eternal power of love, inspiring you to create more, connect more, and love more. We will layer the submissions over our Love Power beat, and the crowdsourced composition will be featured on our SoundCloud and website. As always, you will be credited for your contribution. Feel free to send us a voice clip of any length via pCloud, Gmail, WhatsApp or Instagram DM. Please reach out with any questions:

We showed up on the sidewalk in front of the Bronx Native Market in Hunts Point on July 13, 2019 with our library of beats and invited passerbys to make music with us. We brought the beats. They brought the words.  


ANGEL ACEVEDO on the corner by his Loisaida Studio. Angel is a second generation NYC Afro Latin Musician and the Founder of the Revolutionary Council Afrobeat (RCA). We feature his drumming on many of our mixes. Check him out at and Afrospere Trio. 
AETERNAL LOVERS Sound System builds our beats and mixes with the best musicians in NYC. Here is a little bit of Daniel Jones Warming up the West Bronx in his custom Aeternal Lovers T-Shirt. Check out what Daniel’s work @danieljones013. 

DJ SPAZE CRAFT playing outro for 2018 Boogie on the Blvd mashed up with some Aeternal Bronxites. Check out his work on Instagram. 

Featured artists QWAME LARRY, JOHNNY B, CHEICK DABRE and MS. SMITH make their home in the Bronx and Queens but bring the sounds and heritage of Ghana, Burkina Faso, the DRC, Jamaica and the Cosmos to Mystic Search. One Love. Thanks to Byron Frayne for sound recording and mix. Thanks to Darren Copeland for video titles. Thanks to the beautiful Yadah, the Mystic Voyager. Recorded in Brooklyn and filmed and edited in the Bronx by the Aeternal Lovers Sound System.



NEW LANGUAGE DUB Shot & Cut by Aeternal Lovers Music by Aeternal Lovers and Daniel Jones @danieljones013. Starring Ruth Thompson @rootxhope. Fear and Sedation is the new language, but the language of LOVE is AETERNAL. 
The Goddess is REAL. Aeternal Lovers Bronx NYC. Check out @rootxhope and @revolutionarycouncilafrobeat. 
 FEAR SELLS. Just a reminder from your friendly neighborhood AETERNAL LOVERS.
Here is a little something for when you want to meditate on the nature of ultimate reality, specifically the Dark Feminine that gives birth to The Light through the Medium of Water. 



Music by Angel Acevedo and the Aeternal Lovers. Angel is a drummer, percussionist and band leader dedicated to the preservation and advancement of the Afro Latin musical experience. Check out @revolutionarycouncilafrobeat and @thesaturatorsny.