We did not begin wanting to be a sustainable brand but looking back we so did. Why? Because sustainability is about people and community.  And from the beginning, we wanted to put art and music in the hands of the people. And not just the consumption of it but also the making of it. We want to share art making and music making with our neighbors the way Sharon remembers from her early days in Jamaica and Joseph’s memories of times spent with his extended Southern Italian family in New York City. Having a connection to CREATING, be it growing and preparing your own food, making music, designing clothing or DYing household items sustains our connections and nourishes a sense of belonging to the earth and to our families, living and dead.

We see the intersectionality of sustainability across climate, social and racial justice and economic inequity. We are humble and know that we cannot tackle it all.  We also know that music and art help people. We know that limited edition killa designs that tell a story make people want to keep their clothes longer. Besides, we are proud to upcycle second-hand clothes and use leftover fabric from the big design houses. Finally, we are obsessed with sustainable packaging and are really happy to be partnering with Repak.