Sustainability & Regeneration

In our lives and work, we’ve witnessed the intersections of sustainability, climate change, social and racial injustice, and economic inequity. We may not be able to tackle it all, but we can take a step in the right direction with the help of music and art. Sustainable creativity fosters belonging. Belonging to the earth, belonging to our larger community, and connection to our families, living and dead.

For us, sustainability is about people and community. Whether we’re using art and music to teach English to recent immigrant students in Mott Haven or making music with passerby in front of the Bronx Native Market in Hunts Point, our approach has always been regenerative, collective, and grounded in community and family.

For our part, we seek to inspire cooperative, regenerative action through music and design. We created our music production concept, the Aeternal Lovers Sound System, to grow a virtual community of artists in the Bronx and beyond. Where our Sound System fosters community through music, our upcycled clothing items bridge past and future, carrying their own history and becoming a part of the wearer’s story for years to come. 

All that said, sustainable living can feel elusive for a small brand, especially in a world of same-day delivery and single-use stuff. We are taking small, concrete steps to be the change we want to see. One such step is partnering with RePack, the pioneer in sustainable shipping. Every Aeternal Lovers order is mailed in a RePack returnable packet made from recycled polypropylene at no additional cost to you. All we ask is that you return the empty, pre-paid RePack to your local postbox to continue the cycle. We think that’s pretty cool. How about you?

We invite you to explore our website, Instagram, Youtube and SoundCloud, and to join us in collaborative creation.