Privacy Policy

Aeternal Lovers offers to ship orders with help of the returnable and reusable packaging service RePack (a brand of the Finnish company Plan B from Outer Space Ltd.). This service includes the delivery of the order in a reusable packaging (the Packaging) and the delivery of a reward for returning the Packaging to RePack. To deliver the reward, Aeternal Lovers shares the customer’s email address with RePack. RePack provides a personalized web link directing at an online marketplace where the customer can select a personal shopping voucher or similar offering. RePack provides the delivery of the reward web link and of the shopping voucher as a processor on behalf of Aeternal Lovers. Legal basis for the reward communication is fulfillment of a contract as the reward is part of the services by Aeternal Lovers. RePack is obliged on data protection by a data processing agreement in accordance with EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).