We are a sustainable living brand: A virtual community of music makers, designers, models, spoken word artists, entrepreneurs, and community leaders based here in the Bronx. Our inspiration includes the Cosmos, Mother Earth, the Black Goddess, and Black culture in the Americas. We lead with love: Love is the creative force that makes consciousness possible. When we tap into the energy of love, we know abundance, peace, and joy.



Our founders are Joseph Salvo and Sharon Lungrin. Joseph is a second-generation New Yorker of Italian heritage whose mother grew up on Washington Avenue, in the Tremont section of the Bronx, before the construction of the Cross Bronx Expressway. Sharon was born in Jamaica and migrated to East New York, Brooklyn in the early 1980s. Joseph and Sharon met in Venezuela in the mid-1990s, when Sharon was teaching English as a second language and Joseph was exploring classic European painting techniques in his studio and teaching at the University of the Andes in Merida.

Joseph and Sharon's creative partnership started in their first conversation on the streets of Merida, when Joseph asked Sharon to sit for one of his Black Madonna paintings. A lifelong feminist and art lover, Sharon jumped at the opportunity. The pair soon learned of their affinity for music, having both grown up in cultures with rich traditions of sound. 

Inspired by the virtual dance halls of Sharon’s childhood in Jamaica, they dreamt of one day creating a Sound System to bring a new kind of music to the people. Despite the then prohibitive costs, Joseph and Sharon were determined to grow a community centered on digital music and visual art. They spent the early 2000s becoming versed in Pro Tools, Photoshop, Premiere Pro, silkscreening and digital recording. Back in New York City in 2009, they debuted their Sound System concept with the first Aeternal Lovers tracks, “Mystic Wish” and “Little Brakes Dub,” featuring Big Wayne and Ms. Smith on vocals. 

Eleven years later, Joseph and Sharon are busy cultivating Aeternal Lovers, a lifestyle brand bridging past, present and future through collaborative music and sustainable design. They are happy to call the Bronx home, forever inspired and invigorated by the dynamic community of artists, musicians, urban farmers, wellness practitioners, poets, and creatives here.

Joseph and Sharon would love to hear your story and help you sustain and communicate your work here in the Bronx and beyond. Start the conversation by emailing them at aeternallovers@gmail.com. In the meantime, explore the website, InstagramYoutube and SoundCloud, and join Aeternal Lovers in collaborative creation.

Photos taken by our friend and photographer Femi in one of our favorite local spots, the Maria Sola Garden in the South Bronx

Photos taken by our friend and photographer Femi at a favorite local spot, the Maria Sola Garden in the South Bronx