Happy Supreme Love Day

Celebrate by watching this documentary about John Coltrane. We thank our head music blogger, long time collaborator and dear friend Paul Aviles for sending it to us. See Joseph's note to Paul below to find out what the CHURCH means to us.

Thanks so much for this 
I remember passing by 
The African Orthodox Church of
Saint John Coltrane
When I lived in SF
We started out in the Mission
Then moved to the Hayes Valley
Which wasn’t that far from the Church
It was more of a store front then 
I can still see the Black Lettering on the white
Wooden sign
I always wanted to go in
But there wasn’t much time...
Also At that moment my only prayer was to be 
Able to make music that made 
People Happy...really it was a whole group 
Of people who sincerely shared that prayer.. 
So even though I never set foot inside 
I always felt like that was my church
Coda:I definitely broke the 
It’s sacrilege to perform Love Supreme 
(Badly) Rule (Multiple Times)

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