Happy Mother's Day from the Goddess of Love

Image by Aeternal Lovers


 Hello Aeternal Mothers (& Children of Mothers)!

So here at Aeternal Lovers, we know that the entire universe is a love offering from the Aeternal Mother, and we are so excited to have received a message from the universe via Venus, the goddess of love.

For the first time in 30 years, NASA measured a radio signal in Venus' atmosphere, providing clues into Venus' thinning ionosphere and her mysterious relationship to the Sun. Head here to read more and here to listen to the sounds of Venus. 

The voice of Venus reminds us that everything is pure vibration, from the microscopic to the planetary. As individuals, we have the power to affect the collective frequency through the energy we project. We hope this message inspires you to use YOUR voice to create more, connect more, and love more every day.


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