Aeternal Raccoons


Today’s nature share comes from our friend Ilana Weinstein, a Bronx-based urban park ranger, environmental educator and nature lover. Here’s what Ilana has to say about these raccoons found in Van Cortlandt Park over the Fourth of July weekend:

Fourth of July fireworks can be disorienting for our pets and also for many wild animals. Although raccoons typically come out at night, their routine was thrown off this holiday weekend. These cuddly raccoons would normally sleep in a tree hole but with all of the fireworks, they decided to camp out on this tree branch until it was safe to explore again.

Raccoons have people-like hands that they use to climb trees and search for food. When it comes to food, they tend to eat whatever they can get their hands on—which sometimes means garbage. This can get them into a lot of trouble when they're living in the city!

Have you spotted any raccoons here in the Bronx? Let us know below!

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