Aeternal Leaves


This week's nature share comes from our friend Ilana Weinstein, a Bronx-based urban park ranger, environmental educator and nature lover. Here’s what Ilana has to say about a these speckled leaves found in the park:

If you spend summer in the Bronx, you know that we endure hot, humid weather. Heat waves followed by heavy humidity can be stressful on our bodies, and also on local wildlife and plants. 

 So what's going on with these leaves? Just like us, plants can get sunburnt, resulting in brown and yellow splotches. Not only are these leaves experiencing heat stress, but the humidity and rain has caused a fungus to make their splotches even more intense.

Next time you're walking and see a tree with splotchy leaves like this, take it as a reminder to apply your sunscreen, stay hydrated and stay cool!

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