Aeternal Insects


This week's nature share comes from our friend Ilana Weinstein, a Bronx-based urban park ranger, environmental educator and nature lover. Here’s what Ilana has to say about the spotted lanternfly: 

The spotted lanternfly has made its way to the Bronx, recently sighted near Van Cortlandt Park and in Mullaly Park. 

Originating in Asia, the spotted lanternfly once lived in a food web with other organisms. When it hitched a ride on a shipment of stone from Asia, it came to a brand new world with no natural predators and a perfect buffet of plants to eat!

While this insect may look beautiful, it's an invasive species, eating its way through our local maple trees, hops, and grapes. If you like maple syrup, beer, and wine, make sure you recognize the spotted lanternfly. If you see one, please report it to the Department of Environmental Conservation.

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