Ruthie Thompson

We're so happy to share our first collaborator feature. It could only be Ruthie Thompson, our longtime fine art model and friend. We have been working together for many years, and it is always a joy and a pleasure. We were so happy to film Ruthie in late August in her orange Carnival costume in Van  Cortlandt Park. From fine art to video, Ruthie is the original Aeterna, and we want to thank her for inspiring us, supporting us, and trusting us. Read on to learn more about what inspires her (and her favorite love song!)

Describe your background and your inspiration in artmaking.

> My background is in social sciences, nothing artistic at all. What inspired my art making was my love of jewelry and wanting to know how to make my own. I’m also inspired by all things Caribbean and Afro-Caribbean.

How did you first learn about Aeternal Lovers?

> I learned about Aeternal Lovers when I used to do more modeling than I do now. We met when we agreed to work together to create some visuals as reference for some artwork. 

What is your favorite Aeternal Lovers design or track. Why?

> My favorite Aeternal Lovers design is the winged eye. What a powerful combination of symbols: the ever watchful eye paired with delicate wings.

We are putting together a Spotify playlist. What is your favorite love song?
> "No One in the World" by Anita Baker


Where can people go to find out more about your work?

> Find me on Instagram @rootxhope and explore my jewelry on Etsy.


Special thank you to Ruthie for her friendship and contributions to the Aeternal Lovers community. 

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