Aeternal Old School Lovers II
Aeternal Old School Lovers II

Old School Lovers II

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The Old School Lovers II tee is a vintage piece, an artifact of our early days of screen printing. Its design encompasses the heart of our brand. We're inspired by the entire creative process, watching life cycles unfold in nature and striving to replicate such sustainable, regenerative systems in our own art and work. Death may be inevitable, but Aeternal Love, Rock & Roll will never die!

Style: Short Sleeve Crew Neck 
Color: Chocolate
Material: 100% Cotton
Size: L (Men's/Unisex)

Before it made its way to us, this 100% cotton tee was conventionally manufactured, requiring significant water and carbon usage. Only buy it if you plan to love it for a good while, swap it or repurpose it. If you choose to dispose of it, please do so in the kindest way possible or send it back to us and we will pay the shipping.

Limited edition garment, thrifted and screen printed in NYC using the finest water-based fabric paints.  

Washing Instructions:
For best results, turn garment inside out and wash in cold water using a mild detergent. Dry on low heat.