CORE/Wolf Girl

The Black and White Wolf Girl design is from our CORE collection. It features the Goddess in her manifestation as the Huntress. Our Wolf Girl design serves to remind you that even in a concrete jungle, nature is alive and ready to cover you in armor of protection. Wear your Wolf Girl t-shirt and listen to your favorite Aeternal Lovers track to disconnect from the everyday hustle and bustle and reconnect to nature and the cosmos.

This garment is a conventional 100% cotton t-shirt. That means that a lot of human energy and carbon energy was expended to make it.  Only buy it if you are going to love it for a good while and then upcycle it or make sure it is disposed of in the kindest way possible where you live. The oversized design was hand-screen printed by Courtney Menard in New York City for Aeternal Lovers using the finest water-based fabric paints. This is a limited edition run and there are only XX left. Get your one of a kind Wolf Girl design t-shirt before it is too late.