2D/Flying Heart

This Flying Heart design is from our 2D collection and is a   take on our FACE Heart album cover from 10 years ago.  The heart is the first organ to form in a new human being and here we bring together the ACE and the Heart and send them flying through the dark night sky. Enough said.

This garment is a conventional 100% cotton t-shirt. That means that a lot of human energy and carbon energy was expended to make it.  Only buy it if you are going to love it for a good while and then upcycle it or make sure it is disposed of in the kindest way possible where you live. The oversized design was hand-screen printed by Courtney Menard in New York City for Aeternal Lovers using the finest water-based fabric paints.  This is a limited edition run and there are only XX left. Get this one of a kind Flying Heart black t-shirt before it is too late!